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A New Quality of Cooperation

We are proud to announce Argentina, Australia, the Philippines, Poland, and South Africa as official partner countries of the 13th 5CC World Congress Virtual!

Delegates from these countries are entitled to reduced "Member” delegate fees and save up to € 50. Register now!

The Medical Aesthetics Market in the 5CC Partner Countries


The COVID-19 pandemic has made social media and the rest of the virtual world increase the awareness and the availability of skincare and wellness products as well as skin and body treatments in the Philippines. There has been an upsurge of pandemic-related skin conditions with patients seeking to improve their skin and overall health status. The internet has also paved the way for both local and international celebrities to be great influencers in the patients’ skin goals; popularly called, the glass skin: the pigment-free, acne-free, scar-free, well-contoured face with the use of minimal or no make-up.

Working from home and videoconferencing has made patients more aware to care for their skin with mascne being a popular concern and the increased time in the virtual world further boosted the popularity of the glass skin to be the IT look in the new normal. 

Additionally, Filipinos are seeking skin and body treatments that are cost-effective, efficient with minimal downtime as the patients are maximizing the time with the constantly evolving restrictions for both their health and safety in this pandemic.

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