Residents & Fellows Day

Thursday, August 27, 2019 | 9.00 - 18.00h

"Gathering the most recognized KOLs in dermatology, plastic surgery, and anti-aging medicine, not only the 5CC meeting but especially the Residents & Fellows Day will offer an exceptional opportunity for residents, fellows and students to build knowledge, learn first-hand from international experts and meet colleagues from around the world."

Beatriz Beltrán (5CC Faculty)
Clinical practitioner specialized in Internal Medicine, with subspecialty in Aesthetic Medicine
Medical Director of the Beatriz Beltrán Clinic (Barcelona)

Following the great success of our Residents & Fellows Day in the past three years, we are getting ready for the fourth edition at 5CC 2020 – covering all the basics for young and soon-to-be doctors in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, conducted by international experts from our incredible faculty.

As one of the leaders in medical education, our key objective is to establish a qualified training for the next generation of skin experts and to set high quality standards in order to help to inform, advice, and treat your patients, and to be able to answer questions and fully meet your patients’ expectations.

Our intention is to provide a comprehensive theoretical and practical approach to the basic skills of injectables, chemical peelings, cosmeceuticals, lasers, EBDs and much more. The program will cover many facets of aesthetic medicine and business.

At 5CC, we strive to offer an unparalleled platform for learning, education and training for each and every registered attendee. Consequently, the Residents & Fellows Day on Thursday is included in your registration fee.

This session is intended for residents, fellows and students only! To register for the Residents & Fellows Day, the applicant must purchase a conference pass for the 12th 5CC World Congress.


More information on the program will be provided soon.

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